How Do You Get Rid of the Comments on Ig Live

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How To Hide Comments When Watching Instagram Live 2020 …

5/26/2020 · In this tutorial, we will tell you how to disable comments when streaming Instagram live if you are going live (owner) and also we share how to hide comments when watching Instagram live in real-time (viewer or owner) and when it is shared as Stories.. Besides this, we have also shared the methods to control comments on your posts – photos and videos added to your profile.

How To Hide Comments on Instagram Live – Tech Junkie

4/25/2020 · If you’re in attendance to someone else’s live broadcast you can turn off the comments but the process is a little more involved. Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t allow you to hide the comments while you’re watching another persons’ video from the app. If you’re dedicated enough to get rid of the comments you can download a chrome …

how to hide comments on IG live? : Instagram…

how to hide comments on IG live? we all know why most of us use instagram live for so i wont beat around the bush. how do you hide comments from morons watching the video? im tired of Emoji spam and "oooh baby" when i was on IOS i could scroll comments to the top and not have to see recent.

How to Hide Comments on Instagram Live…

5/16/2018 · Many people wondered how to hide comments on Instagram live to control the user responses of their videos. This tutorial is aimed at instructing users who want to hide comments on Instagram live. Step-by-Step: How to Hide Comments on Instagram Live. 1. Open the Instagram app. 2. Launch the Camera. 3. Slide to the left and locate Live. 4. Tap …

How to hide comments on Instagram live? – Gadget Sprout

Step 5: Once you have added IG stories extension on your browser, Now Vist the Instagram website and login with your account. If you were already logged in then just reload the page. Step 6: Now you will see all the live videos from the people who you have followed on Instagram at the top of the webpage. Just Click on the one you wish to see, and a new tab will open.

How do I turn comments on or off for my Instagram posts …

If you turn commenting back on for a post, previous comments will be restored and people will be able to comment again. To turn commenting off or on for a post you‘ve shared: Tap (iPhone) or (Android) above your post. Select Turn Off Commenting or Turn On Commenting. You can also turn off commenting for a post before you share it.

How to hide comments on Instagram live in 5 steps …

How to hide comments on Instagram Live. 1. Once you‘ve opened Instagram and logged in to your account, tap on the camera icon in the upper left corner. Tap the camera icon.

How To Hide Comments On Instagram Live | Geekstraw

10/25/2017 · Moreover, the user won’t get any notification of the fact that the video has been viewed by you. Hide Comments On Instagram Live. Chrome IG Story not only allows you to hide comments from live videos, but you allow you to download Instagram videos without notifying the owner. Now, you can see the complete live video without any distractions …

How to Hide Comments on Instagram Live – HTTP-COM

How to Hide Comments on Instagram Live Video. … How to Hide Comments When Watching Instagram Live. If you’re the viewer, popping comments on your screen can (again) be very disrupting. There was a time when tapping on the screen can make all the comments and emojis disappear – which was a relief. … Search for the IG Stories for …

How to Get Rid of Action Blocked on Instagram

4/3/2020 · You used a third-party app to get more followers or to auto-follow and auto-unfollow followers. You used the same comment multiple times. You have a habit of liking many pictures in a short span …