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The Order of Instagram Followers and Likes Explained …

2/23/2019 · The order of users who like your posts is also a point of confusion for Instagram users. The list is not in the order that they liked the post chronologically. It’s likely that this order is also influenced by the Instagram algorithm, which looks at your activity and ranks based on what seems to be most interesting to you.

What does the order of who likes your post on Instagram …

Instagram uses an algorithm to determine which people show up where on the “liked” list on a post. The reason you are seeing one person on top is likely due to the fact that this is the person that you engage with most / that engages with you most…

How Are Likes Listed on Instagram Exactly in 2019?

Initially, the Instagram algorithm for showing who liked your post was simple. Instagram listed likes in the order they were received, with the latest likes listed first. Things didn’t stay that way for long, though, as Instagram changed the method for arranging likes. The Order of Likes on Instagram

How are likes for each Instagram post arranged in the like …

4/12/2018 · How Instagram posts are arranged is part of their secret sauce. I would assume Instagram continues to change and tweak it’s algorithm to keep users engaged. So as soon as we’ve figured it out, it probably changes. My likes appear to be arranged …

What Does The Order Of Who’s Liked Your Instagram Photos …

The order of who has liked your Instagram photos used to be organized by time, meaning in order of who liked the Instagram photos most recently. However, as users have noticed, the order of who has liked your Instagram photos has changed dramatically!

How does Instagram rank the people who like your posts?

These are the Instagram users you search for, like and comment on their photos, or direct message – and they do it back. This person has liked or commented on your recent posts the most, and you …

List of most-liked Instagram posts – Wikipedia

22 rows · This list contains the top 20 posts with the most likes on the photo and video-sharing social …

What Does The Order Of Instagram Likes Mean?

The Order of Instagram Likes One of the things Instagram users are curious about is the order of likes on every individual post. Once you tap the number of users who liked a …

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Where can I see recent photos and … – Instagram Help Center

To see the 300 most recent posts you’ve liked: Go to your profile by tapping and tap . Tap Settings. Tap Account > Posts You’ve Liked. Keep in mind that there isn’t a way to view posts that you’ve liked on